Feb 18, 2020 | Nirmala Devaprasad

I am Exited and looking forward to Spring!

Last week the weather was unusually warm for winter unlike the other years.So I was wishing spring was already here. But no worries it will be here soon.

Spring is a time of hope and inspires me to start things all over again.. More than the New Year when people generally make the resolutions. I tend to do or start when spring arrives- or when I feel the cool breeze, bright sunshine . I think of staring a new exercise regime, even if it is starting with a 1/2 mile walk, and start breathing the fresh air. That in turn starts with a healthy diet.  which makes you feel like spring cleaning. And Early morning prayer and meditation and gratitude for the day. All these things really gets you going.

Then of course  I plan for the summer garden.. If you want a really good crop, for the summer you have to start your seedlings in February and March . So the seedling will be strong enough and grown enough to plant out side right away after the final frost . 

That is why you need the green house if you don't have one.  you can start your seedlings in it and they grow in my house without the chipmunks ,rabbits, nor the birds nibbling at it. Even if yo are not a great gardener You should try it you will have a successful garden not only for the vegetables but also for a lovely annuals flower garden also you can save many plants in the winter for your next season. So check out my GREEN HOUSE in my Catalogue Page.Image result for greenhouse images clip art

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